porcelain_bridgesHave you ever found yourself hiding a smile, forcing your mouth closed when you smile or even avoiding a laugh or a smile altogether? If this is due to missing teeth, then Cadena Family Dentistry may be able to help you by fitting a porcelain bridge. Cosmetic bridges are a method of replacing a lost tooth or several adjacent teeth.

Looks aren’t the only reason to replace a missing tooth. The gap left behind when a tooth is lost causes the surrounding teeth to shift away from their correct anatomical placement. If those teeth are allowed to shift, they end up cooked, excessively and unevenly worn and can misalign your entire bite. In severe cases, a missing tooth may even be the cause of bruxism and TMJ. These disorders can leave your jaws sore and swollen and even cause chronic pain in the jaw, face or even your entire head.

Cadena Family Dentistry takes the utmost care to ensure that all bridges we place match your natural teeth in color, shape and size. We typically perform the bridging as a part of a combined “fixed bridge and crown system”. This means that your bridge is permanent and does not need to be removed and cleaned nightly in the same way that dentures do.

smiling_personThe fixed bridge system consists of two parts; the bridge itself – be it a single porcelain tooth or the series of adjacent teeth all needing to be replaced – and dental crowns placed over any of the teeth that the bridge will be connecting to. We refer to these teeth as the abutment teeth. These abutment teeth will help to support the bridge, distribute bite pressure evenly and also to prevent your bridge from moving. We begin by placing these porcelain crowns on your abutment teeth, and then insert your bride into the space in between them and anchor it in place by cementing it to your new crown. This technique keeps the bridge solidly in place while also improving the overall appearance of your teeth.

Because your bridge is attached to your natural teeth, maintenance is easy and doesn’t pose much of a change to an already healthy daily routine. Brush all tooth surfaces and along the gum line twice a day every day and floss in between your teeth – including your crowns – daily. You may have trouble figuring out how to properly do this, or you may even feel a bit nervous about doing it without damaging the bridge. We would be happy to walk you through how to properly thread dental floss or how to use a small interspace cleaning brush for this purpose.