Dental Care While Pregnant

For the women who are pregnant, your hormone levels will start to change. These hormonal changes can lead to the development of gum disease and other dental issues like sores and gingivitis. These issues are not just a problem for you, but can also lead to problems for the baby. During pregnancy your teeth may even feel more sensitive than usual, which can make having good hygiene a little more difficult. Studies have shown that untreated dental problems during pregnancy can lead to permanent health issues for the baby.

So what should you do to make sure your baby is not in danger? If you are planning to get pregnant then make sure to schedule a dental appointment first. Make sure to get any big dental procedures done before you get pregnant. These procedures can be filling, root canals, and more. Once you get those procedures, x-rays and medications out of the way then it will be much safer to have a child. If you are already pregnant you should still visit a dentist regularly and if you are in need a certain dental procedure to be done, make sure to tell you dentists ahead of time. Once they know that you are pregnant they can change their procedures to accommodate your condition. Make sure to brush and floss regularly so that you can prevent any dental issue from occurring.

At Cadena Family Dentistry we know what should be done during your checkups if you are pregnant. We will make sure to take care of you properly if you have to get any dental procedure done during your pregnancy. During your pregnancy make sure to be cautious of any oral diseases that might occur. Make sure to also change your diet so that there is less chance of developing any time of dental issue.