Dental Care and Diabetes

Millions of people suffer from diabetes, it affect the young and old and affects every part of the body from the feet to the mouth. Diabetes can cause diseases in your mouth because it impairs the body’s main protector against bacteria, the white blood cells. Without white blood cells bacterium will start running rampant and spread infections, even in the mouth. The most common dental issue patients with diabetes face is gum disease, other issues that diabetics suffer from are dry mouth, burning mouth, and fungal infections. Diabetes causes dry mouth because it decreases saliva flow, and the dryness can lead to other problems such as soreness, ulcers, and tooth decay. Fungal infections like thrush occur when there is a high level of sugar in your saliva and will cause a burning sensation in the mouth or tongue.

If you have diabetes then there are a few things that you should know about taking care of your dental health. Make sure to keep you blood sugar at the right level in order to lessen the risks of infection, brush your teeth after every meal, floss daily, and if possible try to quit smoking. People who smoke are more likely to get infections and develop worse symptoms than people who don’t smoke. If it is too hard to quit smoking by yourself then talk to a doctor and see if he can help you. Diabetics take longer to heal than people without diabetes so make sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles that won’t harm your gums and cut them. If for some reason you do get a cut in your mouth or on your tongue it is important to see your dentists immediately.