The Aging Mouth: What’s Normal, What’s Not

The natural process of aging takes its toll on your teeth and mouth just as it does your body. Here are some common oral health changes you can anticipate as you age: Enamel Wear — Chewing, cleaning and the normal aging process means your teeth will eventually wear down over time. Darker Tooth Color — […]

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Wisdom Teeth and Teens

Like dental braces, the removal of wisdom teeth is one of the dental “rites of passage” for teens. Wisdom teeth — or third molars — are our final set of molars and usually start to emerge between the ages of 16 and 25. They are known as “wisdom” teeth in most cultures because of their […]

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Six Easy Ways to Prevent Dental Cavities

In dentistry, children and cavities seem to go hand in hand. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 28 percent of children ages 2 through 5 have at least one dental cavity, compared to 24 percent a decade ago. Although 4 percent may not seem like a lot, that increase represents thousands and […]

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Aesthetic Dentistry Helps Self-Esteem of Children

Children with damaged, discolored or missing teeth sometimes have problems with self-esteem that can be improved through aesthetic dentistry. When a child has lost one or more front teeth, the dentist can replace these teeth with an aesthetic maintainer. The artificial teeth can be placed onto a removable or cemented dental appliance. Also, dentists can […]

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child brushing her teeth

Toothbrush Basics

Anyone who has walked down the toothbrush aisle at their local store can tell you that choosing a toothbrush isn’t as simple as just selecting a color that you like. The options can be a little bit overwhelming.  Angled heads, raised bristles, oscillating tufts, the option to play a song while you brush, brushes with […]

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dentures procedure

Partial Dentures vs Partial Bridges?

When it comes to replacing lost teeth, people have a lot more options than they may think they do. Lets take a look at two of the most popular options available at the moment for replacing multiple missing teeth, partial dentures and partial bridges. Partial Dentures: Clinically speaking, dentures are more accurately called “removable partial […]

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tooth extraction procedure

Dental Extractions 101

There are several reasons a tooth may need to be extracted. A break, decay, a cavity, impaction, bone loss, periodontal disease and more could all create or contribute to a situation where removal of the tooth may be the most appropriate course of action. If that happens, there is really no cause to be alarmed. […]

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braces vs invisalign

Invisalign vs Braces

When it comes to straightening teeth, there are several different options and different orthodontists tend to have different preferred methods. While, in the end, it is up to the dental patient to make the best decision for them, it’s impossible for an educated decision to be made without knowledge of what the differences are between […]

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Mistakes With Oral Hygiene

When it comes to oral health and hygiene, most of us know that there are consequences if proper care is not taken. What many people don’t know is that, for a lot of our patients, mistakes you are making when it comes to your oral health might be the cause of your dental problems.  Improper […]

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Root Canal Realities

We’ve all seen the way movies and television plays up a root canal as the most painful thing to ever have done. In general, the media enjoys painting dentists as malicious. The truth is that most dentists are careful and caring and take care to cause as little discomfort as possible, whether we are doing […]

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